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i'm keeping my faith..and i love KIM JAEJOONG!♥

20 January
External Services:
  • otakusj@livejournal.com
i'm Shea..
if you want to talk about animes..i'm the girl you're looking for!hahaha
i love DBSK..
i'm a CASSIOPEIA..first generation..who loves the 5 members.
Member of Cassiopeia Philippines...^_^..
i love all dbsk members and i ship YUNJAE!!!
yeah..i'm always bankrupt because of them..*sobs*..there are so many kpop shops around..
i love to read fanfics,of course with yunjae as the main couple..
you can also see me in twitter and facebook..
just message me here..^_^
if you're an anime addict, a cassiopeia ,let's be friends!
and even not..you can share to me your interests..maybe i'll like them too!